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What is Goji?

Goji is a fork of the new eco friendly Chia crypto currency.

Where can I download Goji?

The Goji source code is published on GitHub. Binaries and installers are built for releases and they are also available on GitHub.

Source code:
Blockchain DB:

How can I get in touch?


Can I farm Goji with my existing Chia plots?

Yes, existing Chia™ plots can be used to farm on the Goji Network. Please generate an additional set of keys to use a cold wallet. In the config file change xch_target_address under farmer: and pool: to the new wallet address.

What is Goji’s premine?

The developer pre-mine for Goji is 210,000 XGJ to support development and cloud infrastructure costs. There is also a developer pool of 90,000 XGJ to reward developers who contribute to the project.

Is there a Goji blockchain explorer?

The Goji blockchain explorer is currently being developed and will be opened to the public soon™. In the meanwhile the community has created an explorer and the official explorer website will redirect there.

Blockchain explorer:

Can I get some XGJ / Moji / Goji?

As soon as work on the blockchain explorer is finished we will be creating a faucet for you to get some free moji every 24 hours.

Faucet: (not live yet)

How much Goji can I farm with my plots?

The amount of Goji you can farm with your plots depends on how much of the network your plots make up. The community has created a Goji calculator for you to project your earnings. Keep in mind that the price of XGJ is speculative.